Nina Morrison

Club: Geelong

Playing Honours:

  • TAC Cup Best & Fairest 2018

  • TAC Cup Team of the Year 2018

  • 1st Selection in 2018 AFLW Draft

  • Vic Country MVP 2018

  • U/18 All Australian 2018

Relatively new to the sport of AFLW, Nina grew up playing all sports including Nippers, Swimming, Running, Tennis, and Soccer to name a few. A lifelong Geelong supporter, Nina thought she would try her hand at footy after the club advertised a Talent ID Day just over two years ago as they begun their quest into Womens Football. Having played Tennis in the morning for her School, Geelong Grammar, Nina jumped in the car and was dropped off at the ground not really knowing what was about to take place. After a few basic drills, Nina picked up the skills very quickly before blowing the other participants away in the 2km time trial. As Nina gapped the field in the running, Geelong officials quickly sorted through their notes to find out who she was before tracking down her parents for a chat to discuss future plans, which included starting at the Geelong Falcons.

Whilst Nina’s footy career was underway, she continued to play Soccer in the winter for School enjoying the balance of both sports, whilst also taking her studies very seriously. An extremely intelligent student, Nina was named School Captain for Geelong Grammar in 2018, outlining her dedication to anything she undertakes and her warm personality.

Entering the 2018 AFLW Draft having selected the Geelong region as her preferred option, she was the obvious first pick for the Cats after a terrific TAC Cup season for the Falcons, before an outstanding finish to the Geelong VFLW season after her School Sports commitments concluded, including a sensational VFLW Grand Final performance.

Nina made a stellar start to her AFLW career, leading the way in the Cats upset win over Collingwood in the season opener. Nina was judged best on ground in a scintillating performance which was later awarded 3 votes in the AFLW Best & Fairest Award. Tragically Nina’s season was cut short upon suffering a knee injury during training leading into their Round 2 game, requiring a reconstruction. With her recovery and rehabilitation post surgery well underway, Nina is looking forward to 2020.

Known for her endurance and ability to break the game open on the outside, Nina will be a critical asset to the Cats for the long term future.