Precision Sports & Entertainment Group is a leader in the talent management industry in Australia. Having a wealth of experience and knowledge we specialize and excel in contract negotiation, marketing and endorsement opportunities, media opportunities, building the talent’s personal brand, and planning for the future. We pride ourselves on the true personal management we provide each and every client.

Key Precision services:


We work closely with our clients throughout the whole negotiation process to ensure they are comfortable with their position and are fully informed of the conditions of any contract before agreeing to terms. Areas we consider when negotiating a clients contract includes but is not limited to timing, clients welfare, clients future aspirations, opportunity, term, and financial incentive. 


Brand building is not a process that can happen overnight. It takes years of preparation and constant monitoring to ensure that a client’s public perception is what they desire. This process starts from day one of their career and includes how they present to the public, how they articulate to the media, the use of their social media, and ultimately the brands they align themselves with.


Constantly on the lookout for opportunities for our clients, we work closely with the extensive network we have built and the contacts we have made over many years, which includes leading International and Australian brands.


This is a process that is always monitored to ensure the client is always working towards a goal whether that be during their professional career or for their post career plans. Goals are forever changing as is the environment surrounding them so you can never set and forget this process.


Mentoring is a key element to our service and one we thrive on providing.  Having first hand experience we provide advice on not only your professional career, but also cover the areas outside of your chosen profession. We also rely on our extensive professional network to provide advice across areas such as finances, preparing for life after your career, and legal advice to name a few.


Budgeting, bank accounts, and goal setting are looked after in house and assisted by our expert financial advisers, mortgage, brokers, and accountants. It is imperative that the fundamentals and structures are set in place from the beginning to achieve the best possible outcome at the end of the clients career. 

Introduction to our extensive professional network

  • Financial Planners
  • Accountants
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Marketing/Media Partners
  • Lawyers